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JMC oils including Engine, Gear & Fork Oils and more!

JMC oils represents fantastic value, with no compromise in quality or performance. All of the JMC oils are exclusively sourced from a major European oil producer with a long history in road, off-road & race lubrication for bikes. This means that you can have 100% confidence in the products.

Cornish Scoots supply JMC engine oils such as JMC Maxx Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke and JMC Maxx Synthetic 2-Stroke, along with gear oils such as JMC Maxx Synthetic Gear Oil 75W140 and fork oils like JMC Maxx Synthetic 5W Fork Oil. Add in ancillary products including JMC Brake Cleaner A1, JMC Distilled Water, JMC Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kit and JMC Motorcycle Gel Cleaner and it is clear there is something for everyone.

When top quality products are available for such great prices, why pay more? Visit our Shop and search for “JMC” to view the whole range.

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