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Motoverde – Now Available at Cornish Scoots!

Motoverde are a family run business with big aspirations of being a globally recognised brand, the first name people think of when it comes to cleaning.

Motoverde have made it their goal to educate everybody about the harm that aggressive cleaners can cause to your pride and joy. They are passionate about their chemicals just as you are about enjoying your ride which is why they are committed to providing you with safe, high-quality products that are affordable to all.

Motoverdes journey began back in 2012 when they manufactured Bike Wash after an initial six months of endless testing to bring a safer alternative to the market. Within the last 9 years, they have expanded their product range to offer different sectors across multiple countries the safest cleaning products available.

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Motoverde products are manufactured in the UK, with extensive research and development put into each new product to ensure the best quality possible. They understand how aggressive chemicals and cleaners can be, causing long term damage to your ride. Their products are designed to be safe on all parts, surfaces and materials, whilst still being powerful and easy to use.


To view the full range of Motoverde products, visit our Shop.

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