JMC Leak Detect Spray 400ml


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  • For easy and quick finding of leaks
  • With the leak detector you can limit the leak, for the fine search you need a leak detection spray
  • Filled with safety propellant CO2
  • Overhead ball valve also allows use in hard to reach places
  • Non-flammable
  • Not corrosive
  • Meets the legal requirements of the German detergent law
  • Non-toxic

Spray the leak detection spray in the appropriate places. If there is a leak, bubbles are created at the sprayed area.

Suitable for:

  • For air brakes, piping, soldering, welding or screw connections to valves, gas cylinders, gas appliances, valves, pressure vessels for gases and air, air conditioning and leaking tires and tire valves, etc.
  • For leak tests in connection with technical and medical gases, including flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, butane and hydrogen

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