JMC Petrol Performance Additive – 250ml


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Even smooth metal surfaces turn out to be rough under the microscope. Friction means wear, more fuel consumption and loss of power. Piston movements, especially in the area of the upper piston ring, cause friction losses in the engine.

Deposits contaminate nozzles, intake ports and valves. They impair engine operation, increase pollutant emissions and consumption. JMC Gasoline Performance Additive reduces friction, cleans the entire fuel system and prevents the build-up of new deposits.

  • For friction and wear reduction
  • For less friction
  • More power
  • Less wear
  • Less fuel consumption
  • The special stuff for better acceleration and more power

JMC Gasoline Performance Additive improves acceleration, eliminates deposits and restores full engine performance.


  • Reduces friction in the upper piston ring area to a minimum
  • Cleans and prevents harmful deposits on carburetors, valves, injectors, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber
  • Thus ensures full engine performance and reduces fuel consumption
  • Protects against corrosion and carburetor icing.Protects against corrosion and carburettor icing
  • Leads to environmentally friendly combustion – reduces pollutants in the exhaust gas
  • Catalytic converter and turbo-proven, against ringing and knocking
  • Designed for regular use and suitable for all normal and premium petrols

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