Tru-Tension Bicycle Drivetrain Cleaner – 500ml


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PrimeShine Cycle Drivetrain Cleaner is perfectly formulated to lift tough, built-up dirt and grime from your drivetrain.

Perfect for removing grease and oil, it leaves your chain looking new again while protecting against contaminants and corrosion.

Formulated specifically for cycling, Cycle Drivetrain Cleaner provides you with a perfectly clean drivetrain while being kind to the surfaces and materials of your bike. Choose between the fan nozzle or accurate pin nozzle for those tough-to-reach places.

  • Suitable for all Drivetrain Parts
  • Prolong Sprocket Life
  • Increase Chain Life
  • High Durability
  • Smoother Ride

It’s easy to use with minimal effort, giving you the perfect surface to apply a fresh coat of lubricant. Spray and watch the grime drip away in seconds.

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