Tru-Tension Bicycle Grime Guard


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The Grime Guard is an innovative new product and the only one of its kind. Its simple yet effective design protects your disk brakes and wheel rims while cleaning and lubricating your drive train, making easy work of this usually tricky task. It can also be used to clean your disk brakes, fitting, in the same way, to catch waste runoff, while keeping the rest of your bike clean.

  • It fits to your bike wheel in seconds
  • Allows full movement of chain and cassette
  • Prevents any contamination of brake discs & pads
  • Use PrimeShine Drivetrain Cleaner and Lubricant safely
  • Runoff & drips are caught in the tray.
  • Reusable

The Grime Guard has a handy tray that catches all the dirty oil and cleaner, it protects flooring, paving, carpet, and the health of your grass!
In doing this you not only remove the risk of contaminating disk brakes and braking surfaces with oil but lengthen the time between needing to take your wheel off and doing a detailed, big clean. Resulting in smoother gear shifting with every ride, and your expensive components lasting longer.

This product is for bicycles only. For motorcycles please see Moto Grime Guard.

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